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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Garlic Spuds Future plans

Spent this afternoon sorting out the Garlic which is now dry. I trimmed it back and took off all the loose skins
I also emptied another bag of Maxine they are a better size now and do not have any signs of scab.While sat sorting the Garlic I hatched a plan to cover all the Raised Beds on the upper level with a 30 foot by 15 foot Polly tunnel this will enable me to grow most things indoors watch this space work should commence in the next couple of weeks.Photo of area to be covered below.


  1. Nice to see your spuds continue to be scab free.
    It seems that Scab only seems to be affecting potatoes grown by short arsed,balding cockneys...I mean Midlanders this year.
    What a shame.

  2. All is not lost my favourite pair of northern nonces. I have another 40+ bags to empty and these look much better.

    Watch that space!