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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

You can do it if you B&Q it

Visited B&Q last week as I had some time to kill before an appointment, I ventured out the back for a look around and came across a large cage full of split bags of their peat based compost ,14 bags in total.After seeking out an assistant I was informed that they were been sold off at £1 a bag so I promptly bought the lot and as they went through the checkout the till also knocked off the bulk discount making the grand total £8.32 for 14 x 75litre bags of compost bargain or what !!!! they will now be put through the shredder ready for mixing the Potato mix.


  1. Absolute bargain mate
    I know where I am going at the weekend
    Amazing what you can get if you got the nerve to ask

  2. Who said us Yorkshiremen are tight ?
    Decent stuff that too,I grew all my spuds and all the carrots in it last year and couldn't complain at all.
    Didn't even sieve it for the spuds either,just straight out of the bag.

  3. Dan Not tight just carefull, it seems like it is mostly peat I will shred it but won't sieve it for the spuds, just add some seaweed and fertilizer.

  4. Good haul, I must get down there before Darren!

  5. I suggest that you have a look I was in B&Q Edinburgh yesterday and they had about 20 bags on a pallet I was not in my car though so I had to leave them