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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Spuds Shredder Shallots Seeds

The first lot of My Spuds arrived today from JBA. rather are more than I thought I ordered with more to come. they are fine looking specimens the next job will be to put them in trays to chit them.The varieties are Blue Belle,Sherine,Armour,Celine,Winston and also some International Kidney (Jersey Royals for the table) to follow are Nadine and Cassablanca these were ordered later than the others.

I have read with interest about the use of a shredder on the growing medium for the Spuds and the Carrot mix, so I decided to give it a go I managed to get a good used one off Ebay for £6.50 and a friend collected it for me as she works nearby to where it was Thanks Rachel.
It works a treat I shredded 300 litres of compost in an hour and when the shredded compost was sieved there was virtually no waste.I am using Wickes compost again this year as it is just Irish Peat with added nutrients it is already quite fine and does not have any twigs in it best of all it is only £13 for 4 x 75 Litre bags

 Some of my Shallots are starting to sprout and are now in an unheated tunnel as I do not want to plant them out yet.The large one bottom left is a Spanish onion from the Co Op which was bang on 250g and a lovely shape so It escaped the Curry, And I am going to see if I can get some seeds from it.

I have also now ordered the rest of my seeds from Medwyns and am anticipating their arrival.


  1. Looking good Paul. I chucked in a pack of Maxine for you to try aswell.

  2. £6.50? bloody hell, why didn't I think of ebay?
    Still waiting for my seed from JBA although our DA did a bulk order

  3. Iian thanks for the Maxine. I did not know weather to mention them on the blog they all might want

    Darren I always check ebay before spending my hard earned, Had an even better do at b&q tonight 14 x 70 litre split bags Peat based compost £8.32 for the lot should have been £59.00 you can do it if you bq it !!!!!

  4. Darren the DA order should be there next week if everything goes well. I think if Maxine are grown well they are very very hard to beat.

  5. Hi Paul, just stumbled on your blog. Great read btw :)

    Regards, Craig over @ Dykes Edge Allotment.

  6. Hi Craig thanks for your support you plot looks great

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