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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

This Weeks Progress Report

Things are moving on nicely I have now started chitting my Spuds they are in the tunnel with frost protection
The Vento are now in Pots and are all in the tunnel with the Spuds
The Leeks have now had the collars changed for 22mm  pipe insulation 9" long and are coming on nicely

Large Onions ticking away nicely

Quality Onions both sowings are also coming on nicely I may have sown them a bit early on reflection as they have another 6 weeks to go till they can be planted in to their final positions,



  1. your leek and onion look great. im going to talk at kendal , can give you lift if you want also watching tunnel cover on ebay might need you soon if your not busy.cheers chris

  2. Chris I am working in Skipton on that day so it makes more sense to go from there but thanks for the offer I am quite buisy but let me know when you get the cover and we can work something out

  3. Impressed with those onions, Paul! Are they in the tunnel?

    How much heat do you have in your tunnel, or is it purely for frost protection? Smithy advocates growing onions hard, with regard to temperature, and it worked well for me last year. Is that your way, as well?

  4. Richard the Onions are in a 6x4 Plastic shed with no natural light the temperature is around 55deg they are under Envirogrow Compact Fluorescent Lamps with reflectors there are 4 in total suspended from the roof on a frame
    hope that helps

  5. I can only dream about getting them like that mate

  6. every thing looks good and healthy you are off to a good start with plants like that

  7. Thanks Darren you can do just as well if not better with your set up this is only my second year showing