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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Shallots Large Onions

I have obtained Hative De Niort Shallots from several sources as I needed to build up my stock. The best ones were from Smithy veg  the next best were from Dobies followed by Plants of Distinction and last of all from M Brereton who advertises in the Garden News these were the smallest but good sound bulbs it will be interesting to see if the size of the original bulb determines the size of the new bulbs. (pictured as mentioned left to right)

The large Onions are now in large square pots and are doing well they are still getting 12 hours of daylight the photo shows them in a double seed tray sized gravel tray this enables them to be watered from the bottom.


  1. hi paul not got mine yet do you think joe maiden or gorden riggs might have some.when are you ordering flowers? ps have a merry xmas and new year yours chris.

  2. Chris I am not sure Riggs will have any they are quite hard to find and expensive I will order my flowers straight after xmas ill give you a shout before I do
    merry xmas Paul