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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Traveled across the Pennines today to collect my Pendle Improved Leeks from Dave Metcalfe. What lovely specimens they are, and what a nice chap Dave is.I learned loads he was very forthcoming with info which I wrote down hastily I now need to make sense of my notes so I can feed out the info.I took a couple of photos below and also one of mine now tucked up in the growing chamber. a photo is also below.


  1. I must say paul your plants are sure looking well, the info you recieved from from who ever it was must grow very early them selves and you have taken there advice. It is going to be very interesting when showing time comes. did you get my email?

  2. Geffo the Leeks in the picture are from Dave Metcalf he is the creator of the Pendle strain of Leeks
    My Onions are doing ok the timing for sowing was decided by researching several of the top growers Info I may sow some more Onions in a couple of weeks as I am still experimenting.
    I did not get an email from you
    my email address is
    all the best Paul