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Monday, 27 December 2010

The Shallots Are In and Vento Sown

I Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

My thoughts have now turned to next year, I have read many different peoples Ideas on when to plant Shallots and decided to plant mine in pots of John Innes no 2  in the Tunnel yesterday, there are 61 in total as previously mentioned from 4 different sources.The tunnel has some background heat to guard against frost. The 6 plants at the back right in the photo are Elephant Garlic pips that I have successfully managed to root. I also sowed 40 Vento Onions these are a week earlier than last year which will give them another week to ripen hopefully. when these are through I will not be giving them any artificial light as last year they reached the required size in plenty of time for the shows without any.  


  1. My Shallots went in a couple of weeks ago so hope the frost didn't damage them
    I am unable to grow onions from seeds as I haven't the facilities yet so I have ordered my Vento from Medwyn's. Hoped to get them from the Gardening News but didn't see any advertised
    I will be interested to see how you do

  2. Hi Darren I would not worry about your Shallots, I have had some Kitchen varietys in the ground outside for the last 5 weeks and they are fine.
    Vento are quite easy to grow from seed I grew them last year without any artificial Light and virtually no heat you are only aiming for 9.75 inches mine were ready in mid June last year.