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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Pumpkin Bed

Got round to building a bed behind the tunnel for my Pumpkins , Courgettes and Squash this area used to be the tip for all the Allotments therefore it was very stony and full of all kinds of rubbish. I did have a go at digging it over last year but gave up and covered it with Black Polythene to keep the weeds down. I constructed the bed out of scaffold boards then set about digging it over before adding some well rotted Manure and mixing it all up with my Mantis Tiller

I then planted 2 Atlantic Giant Pumpkins at about 3 feet apart 2 Squash Butter Boy 1 Marrow Zebra and 1 Pumpkin Jack Of All Trades this is for Halloween Pumpkins.

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