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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Phew its Hot !!!!

I took the cover off the micro tunnel today as it needed weeding and some of the onions needed straightening up this would have been difficult with the cover on as I nearly got stuck in there last time. The Onions look to be coming along nicely and I decided to leave the cover off as these are mainly for Kitchen use, there are 2 types of Onion in here Kelsae and Ailsa Craig there does not seem to be any difference in size or shape at this stage.To straighten them I carefully scraped away the soil from one side then eased them over and packing the soil underneath again to hold them straight . I am also keeping an eye on the 8oz onions as they are starting to bulb up now and need to be lifted when they reach 9 and 3/4 inches in circumference, this should give me the correct weight according to The various articles I have read.I have a mountain of Lettuce so its salad every night at the moment, I have some more coming on and some just been sown for the class in our local show I have sown some Turnips in plastic tubs for the Turnip class.Shallots have started secondary growth before they reached the required size so I won't be exibiting any this year although the ones I grew from seed look ok I have not got enough for a set.

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