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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Potting on and Pricking out

Today the apprentice and myself headed for the garden to undertake the task of  potting the leeks on and pricking out the onions, this was duly undertaken and I now have my quality onions 50 in total which I will grow on and pick the best 30 to plant in to the soon to be revamped bed.

On the leek front the 24 plants all have healthy well developed roots and are now in larger pots, I will be starting to lengthen them in a couple of weeks time.this will be when I return from a family holiday in Malta.


  1. What? Another bloody holiday!

    I wish I had your money!

  2. all inclusive the best option for northern folk they wont make any brass owt of us

  3. Stop bloody Cofiting 'yer duck breasts and beef stiffado and update 'yer blog you lazy get.

  4. Growing leeks like the geordies under light,,,, far play to you paul i put in a sponsor of £500.00 to a leek show in newcastle...