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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Annual Pilgrimage across the Pennines

It is the time of year to turn my thoughts to next season and in particular leeks and Onions. I spent half a day last week sorting out the lighting and heating in the growing shed, all has been working fine since then so i decided to collect my Pendle leeks from Dave Metcalfe in nelson.I was accompanied on the trip by Harley which meant a halfway stop at Mc Donald's for a happy meal. Daves leek plants are in good order and equally as good as previous years I collected 24 in total and will be growing the best 15 for next years shows the rest will go outside for kitchen use

the plants will now go in to the shed and receive 12 hours daylight using grow lights the timings will be 630 am to 630 pm. this will continue till 17th march when we will have 12 hours natural daylight.they will then be planted in to the bed in the tunnel with background heat till the risk of frost subsides.

I also sowed onion seeds a couple of weeks ago, my quality onions will be mt own saved seed from the 10.5 lb onions I grew in 2011 and managed to get seed from this year.I will also be sowing Toughball onion seed for the 250g class,I usually grow vento but as I was beaten at Harrogate by Toughball I am giving them a try this time, we will see how I get on fingers crossed `  

Also I am thinking of potting up my shallots in a couple of weeks.This is the first year that I have managed to save nearly all of them without them going rotten.

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  1. My shallots don't seem to have suffered too badly from rot this year, although bulb size isn't as big as I would have prefered. However, I've been given some new stock of Hative de Niort which look good. Potting up on Tuesday, all being well.