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Friday, 10 August 2012

Rotten heart

Things come along to try us from time to time but we just have to get on with it I have grown some of the best Celery ever this year which have now ended up with heart rot I seem to have this problem every year so this year I grew them in the tunnel to reduce the risk of slug damage which can be a factor in causing heart rot but still ended up with it

I have also lost a full row of spuds the leaves went yellow and the tops just died it has just happened with one variety which is Purple Eyed Seedling which I have never grown before the spuds ended up un damaged but a little small but taste nice and look great I am just putting it down to weather and general growing conditions

I have now lifted my Vento onions which had stopped growing and have some good specimens bang on the weight and a few have gone over

Leeks are the best I have grown sized wise with a small amount of damage from thrips even though I have used predators which has kept them clean for the last 2 years again must be the weather


for Harrogate I have some nice onions leeks and blue belle spuds with some Caulis in reserve this should be enough to beat Smiths Radishes but we will have to wait and see

Most of my onions are also lifted and I will be lifting the rest on Monday I have a few nice ones that match each other the ones left to lift had there split skins removed last week in readiness for lifting.

Parsnips are a write off again this year as they have been attacked by carrot fly which is my fault for not covering them with enviromesh I just did not have the time but rest assured I will cover them next year.
oh and if you had not noticed Yorkshire have more olympic medals than Australia.

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