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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Kirklees Council

March 2009 the council offered me a wonderfull well kept allotment after 5 years on the waiting list. I jumped at the chance with both feet and hands raring to go. It was not that well kept realy so I got to work with the help of my mum. First we had to clear the site,

Then some scaffold boards were purchased from a nice man in Liverpool he said they were his to sell honest! I set about building some raised beds

The next stage was to construct a Poly Tunnel on a budget, The D.I.Y option was the best route

Scaffolding Pole 52mm Plastic water pipe (both from Ebay) some of the scaffold boards some scrap timber and £85 .00 polythene tunnell 20 feet by 12 feet done for less than £200

Get the plants in

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